Meeting the “Biological parent”

The day I learned my boyfriend had a child I knew, eventually,  I would have to meet the other “Biological Parent”. The first thought that came to my mind was “ I pray this isn’t the typical baby momma horror story. I decided to lose the negative thoughts, and focus on the positive. I truly had no idea what I was in for, but I was actually anxious to meet her. I had it all in my mind. The perfect plan in a PERFECT WORLD was to greet her with…

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How to handle “Discipline” as a bonus parent:

During our dating phase I had no clue how to handle discipline, but over time I learned there were certain things I could handle, as well as certain things I couldn’t handle. For example: If Londyn became disobedient, I would ALWAYS resort to telling her father. Even though it hurt me to have to relay such disappointing news, I knew I could handle doing that. Plus, that fact that I knew it would turn into a life lesson for her didn’t hurt either. I knew I could count on her…

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“Dating Someone With Kids”

I’ve always had a deep love for children. I figure that’s why I’ve never been opposed to “Dating someone with kids”. Let’s be honest…….it’s super hard these days to find, or date  ANYONE who doesn’t have offspring.  I dated my, now, husband for five years before we got married. At the time, his daughter Londyn was a one year old. I will never forget the day I met her. She was the most precious thing. She, and her little diaper,  running in and out of the room. With the cutest…

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