For singles with children, couples who are seriously dating with children, couples engaged with children, or Married couples in a blended family. 


*The 1ST 50 registrants will receive Free Breakfast*

*A light lunch is included for each registrant*

Choose your ticket type and select two classes. Classes are available from 11am through 12 noon and 1:10pm through 2:10pm. Click the Class Information Tab below for additional information. You must select all options to continue with your ticket purchase.

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We are “Blended Families Rock”. A movement on a mission to help blended families across the world find the tools needed to help bring better unity in their homes, learn the importance of proper communication, getting along with one another, and help bridge the gap between biological parents vs. bonus parents. There is a stigma that suggests that blended families cannot exist and thrive. We are here to prove that stigma to be false. Our event is sure to be unlike any other event. This conference will offer an environment of truth and transparency for children and adults of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. While attending this conference you will be able to hear stories of family survival, as well as learn the experiences of families through their transparency. Through the amazing panel of speakers (Kirk Franklin & Tammy Franklin; Bishop William Murphy III & Danielle Murphy; Willie Moore Jr & Patricia Moore, and Rob Hill Sr.), to the 8 life changing break out sessions to choose from you will have the chance to ask questions, receive tools for your own family system and culture, and most importantly leave understanding that your blended family has what it takes to truly rock. There will be plenty of activities to take part in. Including super fun, and educational events for your children. For your babies 7 & under there will be a bounce house, on-site clown, face painting, cotton candy station, and much more. For your youth and young adults ages 8 & up there will be a general mentoring session, a BYBA “Bring Your Best Attitude” Dip & Dap paint party, as well as a positive dance class promoting UNITY for the first 50 children who wish to participate. Your child will have the unforgettable opportunity to perform this routine for you right before the “Blended Family” panel discussion takes place. This day will be filled with knowledge, empowerment, and encouragement. As well as an awesome line up up vendors to shop from while you’re there. The best part? You will have tons of fun participating! Are you ready to take one of the most important steps of your life by investing in your family’s future? We can’t wait to see you there.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Am I able to attend every break out session?

A: You are only able to attend the two sessions you’ve signed up for, as well as the general session.


Q: Will couples and singles be in the same sessions?

A: Not necessarily. There will be some sessions designed specifically for singles, and some designed specifically for couples. As well as some sessions designed specifically for women ONLY, and some sessions designed specifically for men ONLY.


Q: If I am purchasing registration at the door, how do I know which sessions to attend?

A: Upon arrival you will receive information describing each session. It may be helpful to follow the descriptions in order to see which sessions you would be most interested in. What fits your current situation. (Single With Kids) (Dating With Kids) (Engaged WithKids) (Married WithKids)


Q: If I have any questions for the event organizer how am I able to contact them?

A: For any/ all questions please send an email to Your question will be answered within 24 hours.


Q: Will there be food at this event?

A: Yes. There will be free breakfast offered to the first 50 recorded online registrants. There will also be a light lunch, snacks, and drinks available throughout the day.


Q: Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

A: Yes! If you would like to transfer your registration/ticket please send an email to Please include your name as it appears on your registration, as well as the name of the couple or person you’d like to transfer your ticket to.


Q: Will I have to present my ticket once I arrive to the conference?

A: No. We will have a list of all confirmed participants at the door upon your arrival.


Q: What is the attire?

A: Although we will be in a church, the environment will be very free, and relaxed so please dress in appropriate comfortable clothing.


Q: How will I be confident my child will be safe while not under my supervision? 

A: There will be ministry staff overlooking your child(ren) The children will be broken up by age group. (2-3yrs old) (4yrs old-6yrs old) (7yrs old-10yrs old) (11yrs old-17yrs old) Upon check in you will be directed to the class room designated for your child's age group. You will be instructed to fill out the sign in form, and in return you will receive a ticket with a number assigned SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR CHILD. Please keep this ticket. This will be MANDATORY in order for you to be able to sign your child in and sign your child out.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: A 50% refund will be issued to you if you need to cancel for whatever reason. You must email  by 6:00PM on Saturday, June 10th, 2017 (2 weeks prior to the event) in order for your 50% refund to be issued. After June, 10th, 2017 no refunds will be issued. Substitutions are always welcome. You may transfer your registration to another couple or person by emailing Please include your name as it appears on your registration, as well as the name of the couple or person you’d like to transfer your ticket to.

We reserve the right to cancel the conference due to insufficient enrollment and limit our liability to all registration/package refunds only.

We believe this conference will be beneficial to communities everywhere. We also understand that such a big vision requires assistance from others who can understand this vision, and are willing to partner with us. Your partnership would mean the world to us, and everyone involved. If you are interested in donating to the My Blended Family Rocks Conference 2017, please click the following link.

Your donation will help offset the cost of marketing materials, advertising, as well as any additional expenses connected to planning and executing this successful event. Thank you so much in advance. Many Blessings!!!!

Dear out of town guests,

We are elated you have decided to travel such a far distance to experience this life changing event. We are including three hotel options of which two are approx. 15 minutes from the venue, and located in the beautiful city of Lithonia, Ga. in Dekalb County. "Lithonia" means "City/Town Of Stone". The huge nearby granite dome, Stone Mountain, is composed largely of a rock called Lithonia gneiss, a form of granite. Lithonia is in the heart of the Georgian granite-quarrying and viewing region, and is deep in rich history. Two of these lodging options are within walking distance to The Mall at Stonecrest which offers super regional retail, dining and entertainment specializing in family fun, customer service, fashion, and convenience. Click the following link for all mall info:

Each hotel is listed below along with the current market hotel room rate (as of April 5th, 2017) for check in/check out between June 23rd-25th, 2017. Below you will find the appropriate phone numbers, addresses, and website links to each property. *PLEASE KEEP IN MIND HOTEL RATES, AND AVAILABILITY ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY GIVEN TIME*

Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta East/Stonecrest

7890 Mall Ring Rd., Lithonia, Ga. 30038  

(678) 526-1000 Only 10 King Rooms Available:

  • Room Rate: Friday June 23rd $154.00 USD plus tax/King Room
  • Saturday June 24th $169.00 USD plus tax/King Room 
  • $159 per night if booking for two nights in a row


Holiday Inn Express Atlanta East/Lithonia

7846 Stonecrest Square, Lithonia, Ga. 30038

(678) 325-4830 King and Double Rooms Available:

  •  Room Rates: Friday June 23rd $189.99 USD plus tax/ King Room
  • Friday June 23rd $194.99 USD plus tax/ Two Queen Beds
  • Saturday June 24th $189.99 USD plus tax/ King Room
  • Saturday June 24th $194.99 USD plus tax/ Two Queen Beds



Courtyard Marriott

1337 Old Covington Hwy., Conyers, Ga. 30013

(770) 922-2251 King and Double Rooms Available:

  • Room Rate: Friday June 23rd $159.00 USD plus tax/One king+ sofa bed
  • Friday June 23rd $169.00 USD plus tax/ Two queen beds
  • Saturday June 24th $159.00 USD plus tax/ One King + sofa bed
  • Saturday June 24th $169.00 USD plus tax/ Two queen beds 








Our Story

My husband Tarrio and I met in 2008. Neither one of us knew that us meeting at a small store front church in Atlanta, Ga one night would lead to the life we share today. We were friends for two years before getting super serious, but even through our friendship our feelings for one another began to grow stronger. I became close to his family, and of course his daughter Londyn brought everybody so much joy. She was almost a one year old in diapers when I met her, so you can only image how my heart melted. Overtime, my then boyfriend, and I were ready to take our relationship a step further. I was excited, nervous, hopeful, and anxious all at the same time. There were so many emotions, but my biggest fear was meeting Londyn’s mother Kawan for the first time. I had super high hopes that things would turn out great, but unfortunately the day we met wasn’t what I’d hoped it to be. I greeted her with this big smile assuming she would reciprocate the same. Ummmmmm………NOPE! Kawan barely spoke at all. In my opinion I immediately had a pretty good idea as to how our relationship would be. For several years there were tons of  fake “Hello’s” and halfway “Goodbyes” between the two of us. One New Years eve she and I actually had a somewhat physical altercation in addition to a yelling match that Londyn, unfortunately, witnessed. It was at this point that I decided NOT TO CARE ANYMORE! I would constantly force myself to treat her the same way she would treat me, but I eventually became convicted. The Holy Spirit began to show me that this was not the life he wanted me to live. A life of confusion, violence, bitterness, anger, and several other UNGODLY behaviors that could have quickly lead to hatred. Once Tarrio and I got engaged he and I had to make a choice. A bold choice. A choice to at least try and make things better, and I had to make the choice to follow through. I learned that there was no way I would be good for anyone if I didn’t allow the Lord to soften my heart towards Kawan, and vice versa. So Psalms 51:10 became my daily prayer. ” Create in me a clean heart oh God, and renew a right spirit within me”. I desired to be the best woman, wife, mother, and bonus mom that I could be. More importantly I wanted to be effective in these areas WITH THE RIGHT SPIRIT. I learned the reason the three of us suffered so many downfalls was because we didn’t have a blueprint to follow on how things were supposed to be. We had no direction. There was no one’s experience, or success story we could follow. So we were forced to create our own. In creating our own we came to the understanding that we had to be our best. Not just for ourselves, but more importantly for Londyn. Now we are consistent with our communication with her, and each other. In my opinion that is PRICELESS! It is now our mission to help others who may be faced with a similar situation flush through their difficulties that come within this blended family lifestyle. We live by the saying “Blended families can work. They do work. It just takes work”.

From 11am-12:00pm

"Finding Your Formula" -w/ Tarrio Broome, Charmaine Broome, & Kawan London

You've asked us how WE do it, and now it's here. Join us for this up close and personal session as we share our formula for how we navigate through the ups, downs, and joys that come with making our blended family ROCK.

Single/Dating with Kids - w/ Rob Hill Sr.

Just because you're single with kids doesn't mean it's the end of the world. And just because you are dating with kids, or you're bringing children into the equation, that doesn't mean you can't follow your heart. Join Author, Public Speaker, and Philanthropist Rob Hill Sr. as he shares the perfect tools needed to complement your love life, or potential love life when children are involved. 

"Regaining your Intimacy" -w/ Quanella Jordan (Pure Romance) and Ashlee Adams(The Social Wives Club)

It is so easy for the intimacy you share with your spouse to get lost in the shuffle, hustle, and bustle of every day issues. Especially when tensions are present, and stress is at an all-time high. In this 60 minute seminar you will learn different ways to regain sacred intimacy between you and your spouse, and the importance of keeping your fire lit in spite of any issues that may pose as a threat for division.

From 1:10pm- 2:10pm

"For Men Only" - w/ Bishop William Murphy

CALLING ALL MEN!!! Join Bishop William Murphy III for a 60 minute Pow-Wow discussing what it takes to fight through difficult issues such as the drama of child support, knowing how to properly handle your children's mother, and the struggle visitation rights may bring all while maintaining your character, and integrity as a man of strength.

"For Women Only" (Married or Engaged w/kids) - w/ Danielle Murphy and Tammy Franklin

CALLING ALL MARRIED OR ENGAGED WOMEN!!!! As a spouse do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, and challenged when it comes to knowing exactly how to handle your spouse during his frustration with dealing with his ex-spouse?  Moms, do you find yourself sometimes shutting down if problems occur when having to deal with your ex-spouse? Do you struggle with restoring the atmosphere in your home after certain family conflicts arise? If so, this session is for you! Join Pastor Danielle Murphy, and Tammy Franklin for one of the most powerful teachable moments in history! In just 60 minutes they will share the importance of covering your husband, and the importance of keeping your home a constant place of peace. 

"Single Ladies" - w/I'Yanna Crawley

Being a single mother is not a death sentence. Patience, prayer, and self-confidence goes a long way. Join our amazing guest as she helps you find a way to open your eyes to God's goodness, and wait for THE ONE!!! Connect with other single mothers, and learn tools that will help you continue your pursuit.

"Fighting Through Your Marriage" - w/ Apostle Travis Jennings & Lady Stephanie Jennings

Strong families aren't built around children, they are built upon strong marriages. It is crucial that the relationship between husband and wife of a blended family become top priority. You should not neglect your children because they are extremely important, but neglecting your marriage causes your marriage to suffer. If your marriage suffers, your children suffer. Join Apostle Travis Jennings alongside his wife Stephanie Jennings for this session of restoration. This dynamic duo will use Godly principles to teach you the importance of keeping your marriage a top priority amidst all that may come with your blended family life style. 

Schedule For The Day:

Saturday, June 24, 2017:

8:50am-10:20am - Opening, Registration, Breakfast sponsored by Chick-Fil-A ,Vendor Participation

10:30am-10:50am- Welcome, Opening Words/Purpose with Tarrio Broome, Charmaine Broome, and Kawan London

11:00am-12:00pm Break Out Sessions (Choose one)

“Finding Your Formula” w/ Tarrio Broome, Charmaine Broome, & Kawan London
“Single/Dating With Kids”- w/ Rob Hill Sr.
“Regaining Your Intimacy”- w/ Quanella Jordan and Ashlee Adams

“For Women Only”- w/ Danielle Murphy & Tammy Franklin

12:00pm-12:10pm Small Break

12:10pm-1:10pm Panel Discussion w/ Kirk Franklin & Tammy Franklin, Bishop William Murphy III & Danielle Murphy, Willie & Patricia Moore Jr., & Rob Hill Sr.

1:10pm-2:10pm LUNCH & Vendor Participation "Grab N Go" Lunch.

2:15-pm-3:15pm Break Out Sessions (Choose one)

“Fighting Through Your Marriage”- w/ Apostle Travis Jennings and Stephanie Jennings
“For Men Only”- w/ Bishop William Murphy III
“Single Ladies/Patiently Waiting”- w/ I’yanna Crawley

3:15 pm-3:25 pm Small Break

3:25pm-4:15pm General Session

4:15pm-5:30pm Announcements, Giveaways & Family Photos (To Be Taken In Lobby)

Tarrio and Charmaine Broome are a part of a blended family who rocks, but it didn't happen easily. This family, which includes Londyn(8) and her mother Kawan London, has had it's shares of ups and downs. Once they found their perfect formula they were unstoppable. Now they are allowing their success story to reach the world through their movement " My Blended Family Rocks". They pride themselves in encouraging families to find their perfect balance, and help biological and non biological parents reach their greatest co-parenting potential by expressing the power of communication, love, understanding, and forgiveness.