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Our Mission

Our mission here at Blended Families Rock is to help blended families across the world find the tools needed to help obtain better unity in their homes, learn the importance of proper communication, as well as getting along with each other. We help bridge the gap between biological and non-biological parents to make living situations more comfortable for children in blended families. We do this by offering tips, tools, literature, hosting conferences, workshops, and other events. It’s through these resources we help enlighten and equip blended families with what they need for success.

About Us

We are "Blended Families Rock" - a movement that started in 2015 and was birthed from our personal experiences. Our Blended Family has been through it all. From arguments, silence, disagreements, and even a fight. KNOCK OUT, DRAG OUT FIGHT. We’ve been through it all and have overcome it all. You could have never told ANY OF US in a million years that the three of us would one day stand together, PEACEFULLY, in the same room. See, I used to think my husband and I were just the typical "Dating with children" situation. A lot of drama, fake smiles, sporadic "Hello's" if any at all, and tons of frustrations due to not understanding how to properly execute our feelings. Were there hopes of things "Turning around for the better"? YES, but if it didn't happen, I was committed to forcing myself to live by the slogan "It is what it is",














UNTIL! Until Christ convicted me and said "Things won't be different until you begin to see them differently. Things won't change until you truly trust me to be the fixer that I am. Talk about a HEART CHECK! How can I be ok with things I know he doesn't desire for my life? Whew. Now, Talk about a WIFE CHECK! How could I be his fiancé, striving to be the best wife to my husband and best bonus mom to Londyn, yet I was ok with living a life that aided in frustrating OUR destiny together! Our future children included. I began to ask God to soften my heart in hopes that my heart would resonate and rub off on my blended family. I gave into accepting the reality that I must be a better example. For him, for Londyn, for everybody. The three of us, especially Londyn’s mother and I, were the ones who held the keys that would unlock the FREEDOM we'd all been waiting for. Not only us, but others as well. (What a huge responsibility and assignment.) Those keys consisted of one honest open conversation almost three years ago. That conversation was the start of it all, and shortly after God blessed my husband and I with this "Blended Families Rock" vision. We HAD TO show others how they can obtain the same VICTORY! Is everything PERFECT? Not at all. Do we still have weird phases? Absolutely, but we are learning, growing, and trying our best.




















It's so important that our story be heard, and our transparency be a blessing to someone else who may be suffering in this blended family lifestyle because our children NEED IT! Our world needs it. Our FUTURE NEEDS IT! There is NO ONE teaching others how to locate the light at the end of this tunnel. We've personally had to fight to overcome many challenges, but I believe God is using us to be that outlet to help as many as we can. We are passionate about giving blended families across the globe the opportunity to express how proud they are to be a part of a blended family that rocks! We help bring balance to blended families, assisting them in finding ways to maintain harmony in their homes, as well as using examples of other successful blended families in hopes to encourage those who may be frustrated with the real-life issues blended families face daily in this lifestyle.  Some examples of how we help families succeed are by showing Biological Parents and Bonus Parents a better way to get along for the sake of the bigger picture. Learning how to discipline without being labeled as "The Evil Step-Parent", or even, setting boundaries as a blended family which can be difficult to achieve. We believe "Blended Families Rock" can help overcome any obstacle! Why? Because we have. We’ve been growing and learning for over 10 years. Between myself (Charmaine Broome), my Husband (Claude Broome), my bonus daughter (Londyn Broome), and her mother (Kawan London) we make it work! We’ve had tons of trials and made a slew of mistakes, yet we’ve found the perfect way to overcome each obstacle in the most positive way. Let us help you do the same via our transparency, the many tips offered, tools, literature, and personal counseling services. There’s a stigma that blended families don’t work. Well, we are here to change that stigma. Blended families CAN WORK. The DO WORK. It just TAKES WORK. Let us help you do the work.  We are “Blended Families Rock”.

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